Super Star Rajesh Khanna

Super Star Rajesh Khanna

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Prem Nagar - 1974


Introduction :

Premnagar or Prem Nagar (City of Love) is a 1974 Hindi drama film produced by D. Ramanaidu and directed by K.S. Prakash Rao. It stars Rajesh Khanna, Hema Malini, Aruna Irani, Ashok Kumar, Kamini Kaushal, Prem Chopra, Asrani and Jagdeep. The music is by Sachin Dev Burman. Box Office India declared the film a hit.

The producer D. Ramanaidu made the same film in three languages. The Tamil remake was Vasantha Maligai released in 1972 and in Telugu (the original) was made as Prem Nagar released in 1971. In Tamil the pair was played by Sivaji Ganesan and Vanisri and in Telugu Akkineni Nageswara Rao and Vanisree as well. It ran for nearly 750 days in the theatres. Though the movie is remake of original Telugu version, some few scenes which were not in Telugu but in Tamil version was remade in Hindi also.

Star Cast :
  • Super Star Rajesh Khanna...... Prince Karan Singh
  • Hema Malini...... Lata
  • Prem Chopra...... Prince Shamsher Singh
  • Kamini Kaushal...... Queen Mother
  • Jagdeep
  • Nasir Husain...... Lata's father
  • Nana Palsikar
  • Ramesh Deo
  • Asrani
  • Ashok Kumar...... King Uday Singh
  • Aruna Irani...... Bijli
  • Agha
Other Film Crew's :
  • Production Company : Suresh Productions, Vauhini Studios and Vijaya Studios
  • Producer : D Rama Naidu
  • Director : K S Prakash Rao
  • Written by Inder Raj Anand, Koduri Kausalya Devi, K.S. Prakash Rao and Raj Baldev Raj
  • Music by Sachin Dev Burman
  • Cinematography by A. Vincent
  • Edited by K.A. Marthand and J. Narasimha Rao
  • Distributed by Vijay and Suresh Combines
  • Colour : Colour
  • Date of Release : 24th May 1974
  • Genre : Musical and Romance
  • Language : Hindi
  • Country : India

  •  Awards and nominations :

    • Filmfare Best Cinematographer Award — A. Vincent
    • Filmfare Nomination for Best Actor — Rajesh Khanna
    • Filmfare Nomination for Best Actress — Hema Malini
    • Filmfare Nomination for Best Music — Sachin Dev Burman

     Summary :

    Karan Singh lives a wealthy lifestyle in a palace along with his widowed mother, an elder brother, Shamsher, his wife and daughter, Meena. His mother, Rani Maa, spent most of her time playing cards and left his upbringing to his nanny. As a result, Karan ended up believing her to be his real mother. Now matured, a womanizer and alcoholic, he comes to the rescue of a former air hostess, Lata, who is being molested by her boss, hires her as his secretary, and permits her parents, sister and brother, to move into one of his cottages. Lata attempts to change his bad habits, initially meets with opposition, but eventually succeeds; they fall in love. Karan even builds a palace and names it 'Prem Nagar'. Their idyllic romance is shattered when Lata is accused of interfering in palace affairs and stealing a valuable necklace—with her mother testifying that she found it on Lata's purse and, as a result, a much-humiliated Lata quits and her family moves out.
    In the meantime Karan found out the truth that Lata was victim of his mother's conspiracy to push her out of his life to maintain family prestige, as he was supposed to date a girl of his status and background. Karan confronts his mother and elder brother and leaves home in frustration. He also clears the matter with Lata and asks for pardon for his family and himself. Deeply hurt, Lata tells him that it is not his family's accusation but his distrust hurt her most and she just wants to go away for sake of her self-esteem. All efforts of Karan to reconcile failed and he went into deep agony. Later during an medical test it is revealed that Karan's health is seriously affected as he suddenly stopped his long tern alcohol addiction and doctor advised him to continue it in lesser quantity as medicine, but Karan cannot obliged due to his promise to Lata to never touch wine again. As result his health deterioted further, Lata shows up who overheard doctor's advice and give him a glass of wine, Karan refused as he thinks he has no reason to live on, Lata left the palace helpless. Lata decided to marry someone else so that Karan can forget her and return to normal life. In wedding day, Karan visits her for last time with tearful eyes and they separated their ways, overlooked by her to be mother in law. Taking it as issue of her character, they cancelled the marriage. Lata realised that her ego destroying many lives, as she about to abandon her wedding sari, Karan mother shows up and accepted her as daughter in law. In palace, Karan devastated by her loss about to consume poison when she intervened and asked him for pardon and they lovingly hug.

    प्रेम नगर प्रकाश राव द्वारा निर्देशित हिंदी फिल्म है| फिल्म के मुख्य कलाकार राजेश खन्ना, हेमा मालिनी हैं| फिल्म में संगीत एस.डी. बर्मन जी ने दिया है|

    करन सिंह अपनी विधवा माँ, बड़े भाई शमशेर, भाभी और उनकी बेटी मीना के साथ एक महल में रहता है| उसकी माँ, रानी माँ अपना ज्यादा वक़्त जुआ खेलने में बिताती थी और करन को आया के पास छोडती थी जिसका नतीजा कि करन आया को ही अपनी असली माँ मानता था|

    पूर्ण विकसित और शराबी बनने पर करन लता को अपनी सेक्रेटरी रख लेता है और लता के माता-पिता, भाई-बहन को भी अपने एक घर में रहने कि अनुमति दे देता है| लता करन की बुरी आदतों को छुडवाने की कोशिश करती है और इसी दौरान दोनों एक दुसरे को चाहने लगते हैं| करन एक महल बनाता है और उसका नाम 'प्रेम नगर' रखता है| लेकिन दोनों का प्यार बिखर जाता है जब करन की माँ लता के पर्स से अपना कीमती हार पाती है और लता को उसके परिवार के साथ बेइज्ज़त करके निकाल देती है|

    इस फिल्म की समीक्षा लिखिए 

    निर्देशकप्रकाश राव
    निर्माताडी.राम नायडू
    कहानी  इन्दर राज आनंद, के.एस. प्रकाश राव
    संगीत  एस.डी. बर्मन
    कलाकार राजेश खन्ना, हेमा मालिनी
    फिल्म रिलीज़  1974

    Music Sound Track :

    "Yeh Thandi Hawayen"
    By Kishore Kumar and Asha Bhosle
    "Kiska Mahal Hai Kiska Yeh Ghar Hai"
    By Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar
    "Yeh Lal Rang Kab Mujhe Chhodega"
    By Kishore Kumar
    "Yeh Kaisa Sur Mandir"
    By Lata Mangeshkar
    "Jaa Jaa Jaa"
    By Kishore Kumar
    "Ek Maumma Hai"
    By Kishore Kumar and Rajesh Khanna
    "Bye Bye Miss Good Night"
    By Kishore Kumar
    "Pyase Do Badan Pyasi Raat Mein"
    By Asha Bhosle

  • यह लाल रंग कब मुझे छोड़ेगा - Yeh lal rang kab mujhe chodega
  • फिल्म:     प्रेम नगर -  Prem Nagar
  • वर्ष - 1974  
  • गीत - आनंद बक्शी
  • गायक :     किशोर कुमार

यह लाल रंग कब मुझे छोड़ेगा – 2
मेरा ग़म कब तलक मेरा दिल तोड़ेगा

यह लाल रंग कब मुझे छोड़ेगा
किसी का भी लिया नाम तो आई याद तू ही तू – 2
यह तो प्याला शराब का बन गया यह लहू
यह लाल रंग कब मुझे छोड़ेगा
पीने की कसम दाल दी, पीऊँगा किस तरह – 2
यह न सोचा तुने यार मैं जीऊँगा किस तरह
यह लाल रंग कब मुझे छोड़ेगा
चला जाऊं कहीं छोडके मैं तेरा यह शहर, हाँ
चला जाऊं कहीं छोडके मैं तेरा यह शहर
न तो यहाँ अमृत मिले पीने को न ज़हर
यह लाल रंग कब मुझे छोड़ेगा
मेरा ग़म कब तलक, हो मेरा दिल तोड़ेगा
यह लाल रंग कब मुझे छोड़ेगा

कलाकार - राजेश खन्ना and हेमा मालिनी

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