Super Star Rajesh Khanna

Super Star Rajesh Khanna

Friday, March 21, 2008

Aanchal - 1980


Introduction :

Aanchal is a Hindi blockbuster released in 1980 directed by Anil Ganguly, and starring Rajesh Khanna, Raakhee, Rekha as the main protagonist and supported by Prem Chopra and Amol Palekar. This story basically revolves around divine relationship shared by Rajesh Khanna with Raakhee. Music is by R D Burman. Songs are sung by Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangehkar and Asha Bhonsle.
Star Cast :
  • Super Star Rajesh Khanna...... Kishan (Shambhu's brother)
  • Rekha...... Tulsi (Shambhu's wife)
  • Rakhee...... Shanti
  • Amol Palekar...... Shambhu
  • Prem Chopra...... Jaggan (Tulsi's cousin)
  • Janki Das
  • Leela Mishra...... Itwaria
  • Birbal...... Murli (Barbar)
  • Sarita Devi
  • Asit Sen...... Government official
  • Deepak
  • Master Ravi
  • Abhi Bhattacharya...... Guest Appearance
  • Dinesh Hingoo...... Dancemaster/Driver of Jaggan
  • Viju Khote
  • Shammi...... Chachi
  • Gita Siddharth...... Chachi's friend
  • Ranjana
  • Raj Kishore
Other Film Crew's :
  • Directed by     Anil Ganguly
  • Produced by     Tapan Chatterjee, Ramesh Bhatia,Mohan Lalwani and Prem Lalwani
  • Written by     Sachin Bhowmick and Ehsan Rizvi
  • Music by     R D Burman
  • Cinematography     Dilip Ranjan Mukherjee
  • Edited by     Waman Bhonsle and Gurudutt Shirali
  • Distributed by     Baba Digital Media
  • Release date   :  18th September 1980
  •  Language   :  Hindi
  • Country   : India
Summary :

Kishan (Rajesh Khanna) and Shanti (Raakhee) are a happily married couple, though they have no children. Kishan's simpleton step-brother, Shambhu (Amol Palekar), lives with them and Shanti showers all her maternal feelings on him. Jagan (Prem Chopra), an evil good-for-nothing man, is heavily in debt to Kishan and is also a rejected suitor of Shanti. He decides to ruin the happy family. He plies Shambhu with liquor, makes him commit various crimes and even poisons Kishan's mind by suggesting that Shanti's feelings for Shambhu go beyond merely being maternal. Kishan falls into the trap and decides to divorce Shanti and marry Jagan's sister Tulsi (Rekha)

Music Sound Track :

Songs for Khanna are sung by Kishore Kumar, for Raakhee by Lata Mangehkar and for Rekha by Asha Bhonsle.

S.No. Song Title  Singer (s)
  1.     "Bas meri Jaa" – By Kishore Kumar and  Lata Mangeshkar
  2.     "Aisa Rangeen Sama" – By Kishore Kumar
  3.     "Paise Ka Kajal" – By Kishore Kumar and Asha Bhonsle
  4.     "Bhor Bhaye Panchi" – By Lata Mangeshkar
  5.     "Jane De Gaadi Teri" – Asha Bhonsl

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