Super Star Rajesh Khanna

Super Star Rajesh Khanna

Friday, March 21, 2008

Asha Jyoti - 1984

Introduction :

Asha Jyoti is a Hindi film starring Rajesh Khanna, Reena Roy and Rekha. The film was directed by Dasari Narayana Rao, who had also directed Aaj Ka M.L.A. Ram Avtar with Khanna in the lead role and music was given by Laxmikant Pyarelal. The film super hit at the box office in 1984 and was a commercial success.

Star Cast :
  •     Super Star Rajesh Khanna as Deepak Chander
  •     Reena Roy as Jyoti
  •     Rekha as Asha
  •     Asrani as Mauji Lal
  •     Madan Puri as Seth Badri Prasad
  •     Roopesh Kumar as Hukumchand
  •     Om Shivpuri as Ramesh Chander
Other Film Crew's :
  • Directed by     Dasari Narayana Rao
  • Produced by     Kovai Chezhiyan
  • Story by     Dasari Narayana Rao
  • Music by     Laxmikant Pyarelal
  • Edited by     B. Krishna Raju
  • Release date :   April 16, 1984
  • Language     Hindi
  • Country : India
Summary :

Ramesh Chander is a businessman whose son is a veena player and keeps asking his son Deepak whether he would marry his childhood friend Asha. Deepak keeps declining this idea. Deepak Chander is a musician who falls in love with one of his fans named Jyoti. Jyoti is a good dancer and Deepak informs his parents by way of telegram that he has chosen a girl. Deepak promises he would pay off the debts owed by Jyoti's father. But when Deepak reaches his home in Bombay, he finds that his own father, Ramesh, has committed suicide due to bankruptcy. Ramesh also expresses his last wish that his second wife and her daughter be taken care of. Due to these incidents, Deepak is delayed in Bombay and is unable to return to Kashmir within a week. Meanwhile, in Kashmir, the Jyot's creditor asks Jyoti's father for money and Jyoti expresses her inability to pay back money now. At this, the creditor gives a warning to Jyoti's dad. Fearing the creditor, when Deepak does arrive at the house of Jyoti in Kashmir, Jyoti's father lies to Deepak that he has married off his daughter to the creditor. Deepak is heartbroken and returns home. Seth Badri Prasad, a rich man who was the childhood friend of Ramsh Chander, bails out Deepak from the bankruptcy problem, requests all of Ramesh's creditors, to whom Ramesh had pledged the bungalow for loans, to not to file suit against Deepak and that they should auction the bunglow and he would by himself buy it. When Deepak comes to know of this, he feels indebted to Seth Badri Prasad. Since Deepak became an adult, Badri Prasad had been forcing his friend Ramesh Chander to ask Deepak to marry Asha (daughter of Badri Prasad). After Deepak returns to Bombay, his mother suggests him that he should now get settled in his life and bring some happiness in his life and for that he needs to marry Asha. After much hesitation, Deepak marries Asha, his childhood friend and daughter of Badri Prasad. During the wedding, Deepak observes that among the audience, there is woman who looks similar to Jyoti. Deepak then, on his wedding night itself, goes and searches for the Jyoti lookalike in many hotels and lodges and at last finds that the woman was none other than Jyoti herself. Now Deepak comes to know that Jyoti was not married to Hukumchand and that her father had lied to him. Jyoti, in helping Mauji, had come to Bombay in search of Deepak. Jyoti also discloses to Deepak that she is the mother of Deepak's child. On knowing this, Deepak decides to end his marriage with Asha and to tell Asha the truth. But Jyoti insists that this would be a big shock to Asha and that Asha would not be able to remarry as the society might discard her. Jyoti thus asks Deepak to consider as if he had never met her and continue to have a good married life with Asha. Thus, for the welfare of Asha, Jyoti insists that Deepak be a loyal husband of Asha and that she would take care of Deepak's child by herself. Later Jyoti becomes a popular dance teacher in her city. Although Deepak marries Asha, whenever he goes near Asha, he has memories of Jyoti and thus avoids going near her. Asha decides to learn dancing form Jyoti. As a year goes by Jyoti and Asha become very close friends. Asha discloses that her husband is not loving her and that although a year has passed since their wedding day, her husband does not even come close to her. Jyoti visits Asha's home and learns that Asha is none other than Deepak's second wife. Jyoti then advices Deepak to be a true husband to Asha and give Asha the pleasures of married life. Gradually Asha learns that Jyoti and Deepak were lovers even before her marriage to Deepak. Asha suspects that Jyoti may have taken advantage of her telling secrets to Jyoti and that Jyoti is having an extramarital affair with Deepak. The rest of the story is about how Asha will come to know that both Deepak and Jyoti are well wishers of Asha and are completely innocent, and that they were also victims of the unpredictable nature of fate. After coming to know the truth of exact nature of events, both Asha and Jyoti, decide to sacrifice their respective lives to let the other live a nice happy married life with Deepak.

Music Sound Track :

S.No.  Song Title   Playback Singer (s)
  1.     "Teri Paya Ki Jhankar Karti Hai Mujhe Madhosh" – By Kishore Kumar and Anuradha Paudwal
  2.     "Mehboob Se Mehbooba Mil Gayi" – By  Kishore Kumar and Asha Bhosle
  3.     "Neele Ambar Ke Do" – By Kishore Kumar
  4.     "Yaar Mera Chikna, Pyar Mera Chikna" – By Asha Bhosle
  5.     "Mile Aap Mujh Se Dua Kijiye" – By Asha Bhosle
  6.     "Aaye Milan Ki Woh Pehli Raat" – By Asha Bhosle








Full Cast & Crew

Directed by 

Narayana Rao Dasari

Writing Credits (in alphabetical order)  

Narayana Rao Dasari ... (screenplay)
Narayana Rao Dasari ... (story)
Raj Baldev Raj ... (dialogue) (as Raj Baldevraj)

Cast (in credits order) complete, awaiting verification  

Rajesh Khanna ...
Deepak Chander
Reena Roy ...
Rekha ...
Madan Puri ...
Seth Badri Prasad
Om Shivpuri ...
Ramesh Chander
Dina Pathak ...
Mangala (as Deena Pathak)
Ashalata Wabgaonkar ...
Mrs. Chander (as Asha Lata)
Asrani ...
Mauji Lal
Roopesh Kumar ...
Roohi Berde ...
(as Ruhi)
Smriti Wariyar
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Produced by 

Kovai Chezhiyan ... producer

Music by 

Laxmikant Shantaram Kudalkar ... (as Lakshmikant)
Pyarelal Ramprasad Sharma ... (as Pyarelal)

Cinematography by 

M. Kannappa

Film Editing by 

Krishnam Raju B. ... (as B. Krishna Raju)

Art Direction by 

Bhaskara Raju V. ... (as Bhaskar Raju)

Makeup Department 

Ann Huang ... hair stylist (as Anni)
Kumar ... assistant makeup artist
Laxmi ... hair stylist (as Lakshmi)
A.S. Mani ... makeup artist (as Mani)
Mohan ... makeup artist
Nazma ... hair stylist
T. Rajaram ... makeup artist (as Rajaram)
Sakuntala ... hair stylist
Ram Sawant ... makeup artist (as Ramsawant)

Production Management 

Ameed ... assistant unit manager
Arvind ... production manager
George Prasad ... production manager

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director 

Nitin Kapoor ... assistant director
J.L. Madhukar ... assistant director
V.K. Madhukar ... chief assistant director
Puranam Surya ... associate director

Art Department 

A. Karnachari ... sets: Studio Anna Purna
G. Mogavesh ... paintings: Studio Anna Purna
P. Satyanarayana ... mouldings: Studio Anna Purna
J. Suryanarayana ... assistant art director (as Suryanarayana)

Sound Department 

Krishnam Raju B. ... audiography: Hyderabad (as Krishna Raju)
P.V. Koteswara Rao ... sound re-recordist: Gemini (as Koteswara Rao)
Raghavendra Rao ... audiography: Bombay
Lakshua Reddu ... sound: Studio Anna Purna (as Lakshma Reddy)

Camera and Electrical Department 

Adiyaman ... assistant camera
Babu ... still photographer
Prakash ... camera operator: Studio Anna Purna
R.N. Nagaraja Rao ... still photographer
Sambasiva Rao ... assistant camera
Sudhakar ... camera operator
Vijay ... camera operator: Studio Anna Purna (as Vijai)

Costume and Wardrobe Department 

Leena Daru ... costumes (as Leenadaru)
Dhanapal ... assistant costumes
Sunder Moorthy ... costumes

Editorial Department 

Raja Babu ... associate editor (as B. Raj Babu)
D. Raja Kumar ... assistant associate editor (as D. Raja)
P. Rajan ... assistant associate editor

Music Department 

Asha Bhosle ... playback singer (as Asha Bhonsle)
Robin Chatterjee ... song recording: Mehboob Studios (as Robin Chatterji)
Gorakh ... assistant music
Kishore Kumar ... playback singer
Vasant Mudaliar ... associate song recordist
Anuradha Paudwal ... playback singer (as Anuradha)
Shashikant ... assistant music
A.N. Tagore ... assistant song recordist

Transportation Department 

Chandran ... assistant transportation
Peer Mohammed ... assistant transportation (as Peer Mohamed)
A. Siva ... assistant transportation (as Siva)

Other crew 

K.J. Babu ... office in charge
Nazir Bhakshi ... location unit manager: Kashmir arrangements
Bhakthavastalam ... production assistant
Eswar ... publicity designer
Gandhi ... programmer: Studio Anna Purna
Saroj Khan ... dance director
Gopi Krishna ... dance director
Laxmi ... dance assistant (as Lakshmi)
Mani ... production assistant
Rao N.S. ... office in charge
N.G. Narayana ... office assistant
Gopal Pandey ... public relations officer (as Gopal Panday)
Raghavan ... office assistant
Rajendra ... production assistant
Raju ... production assistant
Ram ... production assistant (as Ramu)
Ramachari ... programmer: Studio Anna Purna
D. Koteswara Rao ... production executive
Ravi ... associate director
V.S. Santanam ... office in charge
Satya ... production assistant
Shailesh ... dance assistant
T. Swami ... office assistant (as Swamy)
Veeru ... dance assistant
Gyan Chand Walia ... production executive


Biharilal ... film dedicated to (as Mr. Biharilal Ji) 
  • Deepak, a young music player, learns that his late father has a second wife and daughter that no one knew existed. Soon, the same fate befalls Deepak when he falls for and marries Jyoti, a young artist and dancer who loves his music. But after Deepak mistakenly thinks Jyoti dies in an accident, he begins courting and marries Asha, a wealthy society girl. But when Jyoti unexpectedly returns months later with her newborn son, Deepak must try to find a way to deal with this predicament after Asha has a child of their own and begins taking dancing lessons at the dance school where Jyoti works.
    - Written by Matthew Patay
  • Jyoti lives with her dad in a small mountainous town in India. One day she overhears musical tones being played by a talented young artiste by the name of Deepak Chander, and she instantly starts to dance with the music. Deepak witnesses this, introduces himself, and offers to coach her, which she accepts. Thereafter both fall in love with each other. When her dad and Maujilal find out she is meeting with Deepak, they are concerned as this may cast a stigma against Jyoti's name. However, their concerns are put to rest when Deepak assures them that he is in love with Jyoti, and plans to marry her, after getting approval from his parents. Deepak's dad, Ramesh Chander is a wealthy businessman, and his mom is a housewife. Ramesh would like his son to get married to Asha, the daughter of his close friend, Badriprasad, however, Deepak does not show any interest in this proposal, but instead makes it clear that he wants to marry Jyoti. His parents reluctantly approve of this alliance, and Deepak and Jyoti get married. Tragedy strikes, and Jyoti is believed to be dead. Deepak is compelled to give in to his parent's wishes and marries Asha. Years later, a woman claiming to be Deepak's wife, along with a newborn baby, shows up at Deepak's residence - throwing their lives into chaos and disbelief.