Super Star Rajesh Khanna

Super Star Rajesh Khanna

Friday, March 21, 2008

Naukri - 1978


Introduction :

Naukri is a 1978 Bollywood film directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee. This Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s not so famous movie but critically acclaimed classic Naukri (1978) featuring Rajesh Khanna and Raj Kapoor together is set in the period 1944-1947. The basic idea of this film is based on the 1955 Tamil film Mudhal Thedi starring Sivaji Ganeshan and Anjali Devi but story and treatment is completely different and the other inspiration for this films was It's a Wonderful Life produced and directed by Frank Capra. The story features a person getting help of an angel after his death. The God Sent person makes the hero realize that when he was alive he was so important and loved by all around him but he couldn’t recognize it. Rajesh Khanna plays the man who meets the angel Raj Kapoor, after he commits suicide. The film was hit at box office. But over the years it has been appreciated by the audience. In the Bollywood Guide Collections, critics gave the film 4 stars of 5.

 Star Cast :
  •     Super Star Rajesh Khanna - Ranjit Gupta 'Ronu'
  •     Zaheera - Ramola
  •     Raj Kapoor - Swaraj Singh 'Captain'
  •     Nadira - Lily
  •     A. K. Hangal - Ranjit's Father
  •     Pratima Devi - Ranjit's Mother
  •     Tom Alter - Mr. Anderson
  •     Deven Varma - Loco
  •     Jayshree T. - Mary
  •     Meena Roy - Meena
  •     Aarti - Rekha
  •     Master Akbar - Raja
  •     V. Gopal - Landlord
  •     Vijay Sharma - Sanjay
  •     Lalita Kumari - Chandrabadani
  •     Keshto Mukherjee - Hawaldar
  •     Om Shivpuri - Mr. Rai, Ramola's Father
  •     Yunus Parvez - Rasik Lal
  •     Ayathoda
  •     Satya Babu
  •     Muni Raj
  •     Amal Sen
  •     Shubhra Nath
  •     Habiba Rehman
  •     Anju Gupta
  •     Jalil
  •     Siddharth Narayan

Other Film Crew's :
  • R. S. J. Productions
  • Directed by     Hrishikesh Mukherjee
  • Produced by     Jayendra Pandya, Rajaram Pandya  and Satish Wagle
  • Story - Salil Chowdhury
  • Screenplay - Bimal Dutta
  • Dialogue - Biren Tripathy
  • Editor - Subhash Gupta and Khan Zaman Khan
  • Cinematographer - Jaywant Pathare
  • Art Director - Ajit Banerjee
  • Dialogues Written by     Biren Tripathy
  • Release date :    2nd June 1978
  •  Language     : Hindi
  • Country     : India
Summary :

The film opens up with a distraught tensed up Ranjit watching his mother and his sister and their adopted brother closely. He is wearing a depressing look as he cannot earn and feed his family members properly being a handicapped person. He walks with help of walking stick. He decides that its better to commit suicide and die rather than giving trouble to others and also seeing his family members struggle for survival. His mother loves him a lot although he is limping and jobless. She asks him not to worry and be happy. Their landlord has asked them to vacate the premises the next day. Tension looming around his mind, Ranjit decides to go out early in the morning and jump from the bridge above the railway tracks and give away his life. Ranjit carries out his plan. In the next scenes, he starts walking without help from any stick. He meets a man who calls himself as Captain and he says that he is the only person who can see Ranjith right now. That fat man introduces himself as Swaraj Singh Captain and says that he is a ghost and that Ranjit has died and is now a ghost too. Captain takes him along everywhere and shows him how many other people are roaming as ghosts in the world after committing suicides. Captain says the ghosts attain salvation only when their unfulfilled wish gets fulfilled. Captain asks him why did he commit suicide. Ranjit tells him his story of how he was a badminton player and how rich they were. He had even fell in love with a richer girl. The rest of the story is about Ranjit's description of what drove him to poverty, how were they surviving, how his friends betrayed him and deprived him of any job, how he lost his leg and how much he feels betrayed of his girlfriend leaving him and joining hands with some one else. Captain just keeps listening to his story. The answers to the above question and rest of the story is full of suspense which needs to be seen in the movie directly.

Music Sound Track :

    Music Director - Rahul Dev Burman
    Lyricist - Anand Bakshi
    Playback Singers - Asha Bhosle, Manna Dey, Mukesh, Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar

S.No. Song  Title     Singer(s)    

  1. "Duniya Mein Jeene Ka Mujhe Shaukh Tha"   -  By Kishore Kumar 
  2. "Main Ne Tumko Piya Keh Diya"  -   By Lata Mangeshkar    
  3. "Teri Duhai Harjaayee" By  -   Asha Bhosle    
  4. "Upar Jaake Yaad Aayi Neeche Ki Baatein"  -   By Mukesh      

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