Super Star Rajesh Khanna

Super Star Rajesh Khanna

Friday, March 21, 2008

Alag Alag - 1985


Introduction :

Alag Alag is a 1985 Hindi film starring Rajesh Khanna, Tina Munim, Shashi Kapoor in the lead roles and produced by Rajesh Khanna and directed by one of his favourite directors Shakti Samanta. The film is best remembered for the way it was shot in Kashmir and different storyline. In 1992, Ram Awatar Agnihotri wrote that it was in this film that Munim showed the "first sparks" of the dedicated actress she would become.

Kishore Kumar did not accept any money from Rajesh Khanna for rendering the songs of this film. When Khanna asked why he would not accept, Kumar replied that he had got a fresh lease of life as a singer with Aradhana (1969) and since this was Khanna's first film as producer, he had no right to accept any money.

Star Cast :

Super Star  Rajesh Khanna as Neeraj 

 Tina Munim as Chandni

 Shashi Kapoor as Rana

Om Prakash as Khan

Deven Verma as Karim

Gita Siddharth as Begum


Om Shivpuri

Other Film Crew's :
  • Directed by     Shakti Samanta
  • Produced by     Rajesh Khanna and Kusum Nirula
  • Written by     Sachin Bhowmick and Ehsan Rizvi
  • Music by     R D Burman
  • Cinematography   by  Nadeem Khan
  • Release date :    27 September 1985
  • Language  :   Hindi
  • Country  :   India
Summary :

Chandni is from a poor family who desires to come out of her poverty. Finding that one shortcut to become rich is to marry a rich man, sets off to Bombay. She meets a man whose stands near a car, assumes he is rich and asks him to marry her. When she finds out that he is not a rich man, she dumps him immediately. The man is actually Neeraj who aims to become a playback singer in movies. He goes to every studio to meet musicians but he does not succeed. Chandni lands in a bunglaw to escape from a goon. She plans to settle in the house and requests owner Doctor Rana to let her stay in the house. Dr. Rana finds Chandni is an innocent village girl and allows her to live in his house. Chandni takes charge of the home and dismisses the servants which annoys Rana. But he feels good about the presence of woman in his home after his wife's death.

Neeraj attempts to get recommendation from a social worker whose brother is a musician. He poses as a lame person to her but gets caught when he goes to treatment to Dr. Rana as Chandni exposes him. Neeraj gets angry on her and swears to ruin her plans which scares Chandni. Chandni plans to make Dr. Rana propose marriage to her. Neeraj gets frustrated on his failed attempts to be a singer. He meets a famous film actress Saritha and requests her for a chance. Saritha invites him to and he agrees. Saritha actually plans to marry him and not help with his ambitions. When Neeraj finds out, he leaves angrily. He realises that the reason is that he loves Chandni. Dr. Rana finds that Chandni is a good singer and makes her to change into a fashionable woman. Neeraj proposes to Chandni but she refuses as she wants to marry a rich man. Neeraj repeatedly attempts to win her love and finally Chandni accepts him. Chandni finds that Dr. Rana actually has loved as his daughter and feels bad for her immature behaviour.

Neeraj manages to get a chance to sing and re-unites with his rich parents. While on his way to meet Chandni he meets with an accident and loses his voice. Dr. Rana dies of illness and Chandni is again back to her old life. When Chandni meets Neeraj on the road he goes away unwilling to be a burden for Chandni but Chandni misunderstands that Neeraj dumped her because she is poor. Neeraj decides to make Chandni a playback singer and support her without revealing himself with the help of his mother. As expected Chandni becomes a famous singer but she hates Neeraj for leaving her. The rest of the film deals with whether Chandni comes to know about Neeraj and if he will get his voice back.

Music Sound Track :

S.No. Song Title   Singer(s)
  1.     "Tere Bin Nai Jeena" - By Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar
  2.     "Kuch Humko Tumse Kehna Hai" - By Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar
  3.     "Kabhi Bekasi Ne Mara" - By Kishore Kumar
  4.     "Kagaz Kalam Dawaat" - By Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar
  5.     "Dil Mein Aag Lagaye" - By Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar
  6.     "Jeevan Ki Yehi Hai Kahani" - By Lata Mangeshkar


Full Cast & Crew

Directed by 

Shakti Samanta

Cast (in credits order) complete, awaiting verification  

Rajesh Khanna ...
Shashi Kapoor ...
Dr. Rana
Tina Munim ...
Sushma Seth ...
Neeraj's mom
Om Prakash ...
Deven Verma ...
Urmila Bhatt ...
Om Shivpuri ...
Gita Siddharth ...
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Harbans Darshan M. Arora ...
Neighbour (as Harbans Darshan)
Master Bhagwan ...
Bharat Bhushan ...
(Guest Appearance)
Bindu ...
Birbal ...
Chandrashekhar ...
Jamul Rajasthani
Mohan Choti ...
Begum's Chowkidar
Satyendra Kapoor ...
Anjana Mumtaz ...
Mrs. Karim
H.L. Pardesi
Rajesh Puri ...
Sarita's secretary
Asit Kumar Sen ...
Sen (as Asit Sen)
Gurbachchan Singh
Subbiraj ...
Neeraj's dad
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Produced by 

Rajesh Khanna ... producer
Kusum Nirala ... producer

Music by 

Rahul Dev Burman

Cinematography by 

Nadeem Khan

Music Department 

Asha Bhosle ... playback singer
Kishore Kumar ... playback singer
Lata Mangeshkar ... playback singer
K.J. Yesudas ... playback singer    
  • Two people from different strata in society, Chandni and Neeraj will do anything to get there obligations carried out. While Chandni always dreams of a luxurious life, Neeraj wants some of his assignments them be complete. Chandni travels to Bombay, gets married to rich and wealthy, Dr. Rana, and moves in with him. Neeraj gets married to beautiful and attractive starlet Sarita. Both has now thought that there respective lives is settled, unknown to them that they has thrown there lives in jeopardy.
    - Written by gavin (
  • Illiterate, naive, and unrefined village belle Chandni had always dreamt of living in luxury, even if it means getting married to a much older man. She travels to Bombay, and after a series of misadventures, meets with rich and widowed Dr. Rana, and moves in with him. On the other hand is Neeraj, an aspiring, and unemployed singer, who will do anything to get some assignments. Neeraj meets with movie actress Sarita, and she is impressed with his youth, and asks him to move in with her, which he does. Both Chandni and Neeraj think that their futures are now bright, but soon they will realize that that is not the case.

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