Super Star Rajesh Khanna

Super Star Rajesh Khanna

Friday, March 21, 2008

Doli - 1969

Star Cast :

Super Star Rajesh Khanna...... Amar Kumar
Babita...... Asha
Balraj Sahni
Nazima...... Shobna (Prem's wife)
Prem Chopra...... Prem Kumar
Kamini Kaushal
Asit Sen
Omprakash...... Dwarka (Prem's dad)
Sulochana...... Mrs. Sita
Nana Palsikar...... Ganpat Lala
Shammi...... Amar's co-worker
Sunder...... Basantlal
Raj Mehra...... Ramprasad (Asha's dad)
Hari Shivdasani...... College Director
Sulochana Chatterjee...... Mrs. Ramprasad
Narbada Shankar
Nazir Kashmiri
Dina Nath
Birbal...... Kapoor (Bank Teller)
Sanjeev Duggal
Johny Whiskey
Som Haksa 

Other Film Crew's :

Banner : Bahar Films
Producer : Hargobino
Director : A Subba Rao
Choreography : Satyanarayana
Color : Colour
Release Date : 1969
Genre : Romance 
Language : Hindi
Country : India
Summary :

Amar lives a middle-class life in India with his oft-critical dad, Basantlal and his mom, a housewife. When Basantlal decides to get Amar married to Ramprasad's daughter, Amar accepts this. However, on the day of the wedding, Ramprasad is arrested by the police for embezzling Rs.20,000/- from his employer, he is tried in court and sentenced to a long prison term. Then Amar meets with a lovely young woman named ...( show more ) Asha and both of them fall in love with each other. They would like to get married and want each other to meet their respective families. Before that could happen, a shocked Amar sees Asha holding hands and being intimate with his U.S.-returned friend, Prem Kumar. Looks like Amar's heart is going to get broken, and by the looks of things, marriage may not be in his fate after all.

Music Sound Track :
  •    Music by Ravi
  •    Lyrics by
  •    Playback Singers :
Songs :

S.No.  Song Title      Playback Singers
  1. "Sajana Sath Nibhana" - by Asha Bhosle and Mohammed Rafi
  2. "Doli Chadh Ke Dulhan Sasuraal Chali"  - by Mahendra Kapoor
  3. "Danto Tale Daba Kar Honth" - by Mohammed Rafi
  4. "Aaj Mai Dekhu Jidhar Jidhar" - by Asha Bhosle
  5. "Aaj Pila De Saaqi Apni Aankhe Ke Maykhane Se" - by Asha Bhosle and Mahendra Kapoor
  6. "Pehle Jhuk Kar Karo Salaam Fir BataauApna Naam" - by Asha Bhosle.

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